SmartFit Programme

What is SmartFit Programme?

It is a series of sport-specific evaluation, analysis and training systems developed by the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital together with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Programme is based on scientific evidence from local studies. With state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled expertise, the Programme will furnish you with effective and professional advice on injury prevention and performance enhancement.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Primus Rehabilitation System
The Hospital pioneers in the use of Primus RS for evaluation and training in sports rehabilitation. The computerised system not only enables functional evaluation and training but also provides data for analysis and progress monitoring. It is equipped with different accessories specially designed for different sports.
Through specially designed movement, GYROTONIC® exercise gives you the strength, coordination, precision and flexibility you need in different kinds of sports, for example, golf. The engagement of mind and body also prepares you for this mind game. It also improves the spinal rotation which is important for both injury prevention and performance in golf.

GYROTONIC and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.
Video Analysis
Computerised video analysis system provides you with not only the qualitative assessment, but also the quantitative measurements which enable you to track the consistency and precision of performance.
Anti-Gravity Treadmill
This unweighting technology allows variation of your body weight of training to optimise your performance at different rehabilitation and training stages. It can effectively lower the stress of legs while running.
Vibration Plate Therapy
Exercising on a vibrating plate not only increases the efficiency of muscle strengthening but also improves neuromuscular re-education and proprioception.
TRX Weight Suspension System
The TRX weight suspension system facilitates core strengthening, balance training, flexibility improvement and neuromuscular re-education at the same time. It is suitable for all levels of fitness by adjusting your whole body weight loading.
Weight Training Machines
Wide varieties of weight training machines enable you to have a thorough muscle strengthening programme for your whole body.
Cardiorespiratory Training Equipment
Our department is equipped with Arc, static bike, treadmill and rowing machine, enabling you to choose your own favourite mode of aerobic training.


Herman Woo
Even as a walker who has participated in over a dozen Oxfam Trailwalkers in 9 worldwide locations, I still find the SmartFit Programme helping me not only in getting rid of the leg pain which many other physiotherapists have failed to fix, but more importantly, it has also helped boost my overall performance during the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a comprehensive evaluation of physical fitness?
Physical fitness includes cardiorespiratory function, flexibility, muscle power, endurance, balance and coordination. A comprehensive evaluation enables us to spot your weakest link, and an effective training programme can thus be formulated.

How soon should I start the training before an event?
If you are preparing for a distance running event, make sure you have a gradually progressive plan. If you are joining a half marathon event, you should have at least 8 weeks of training including 3 running sessions with a total distance of 17 to 26 miles per week. If you are joining a full marathon event, you should have 16 weeks of training including 3 running sessions with a total distance of 24 to 40 miles per week. If you are a first-time distance runner, you are advised to have a physical fitness assessment before you start proper training.

What comprises a comprehensive training?
A comprehensive training should comprise different components. Aerobic and muscle strengthening trainings ensure your cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal systems function well in an enduring event. However, too much strengthening exercise will cause tightness in muscles and increase the risk of injury. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance among different components when designing the comprehensive training programme.

Is the evaluation specific to one sport?
The evaluation is tailor-made for a specific type of sport as different sports have their unique movement requirement and thus pose challenges to a particular muscle group. For example, assessment emphasis will be put on the muscle strength and lower limbs endurance for sports like distance walking and running, whereas focus will be put on the upper and lower limbs for golf or racket sports. Evaluation of the core muscle strength will be performed for all sports as it is crucial to injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Is knee brace helpful for distance walking or running?
Knee brace should be used only under the advice of medical doctors and physiotherapists. Knee brace should be used in early days of resumption of sports after knee injury or surgery. Unnecessary use of knee brace may lead to over-reliance and muscle weakness.