Introduction of Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy consists of four main aspects, including injury prevention, prehabilitation, rehabilitation and return to sports.
It can help injured athletes (professional or amateur) to return to sports (eg. ski, golf, tennis, ice skating, basketball, marathon running) as soon as possible.

Injury Prevention

Injuries not only caused by vigorous and contact sports, some of the overuse injuries arise from repetitive movement or training. With proper warm-up and specific strengthening exercise on targeted muscles, the chance of injuries may decreased.

Prehabiliation depends on types of surgeries. The principles are strengthening the muscles groups around the injured area, improving the range of motion of the involving joints and maintaining the cardiovascular function. It helps to shorten the rehabilitation period and achieving better results after rehabilitation.

During rehabilitation period, exercises or training are not necessarily stop completely after injuries. Physiotherapists will use their professional knowledge to design a safe and effective training to athletes and make sure the injured parts are well protected.

Common sports injuries are:
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, rotator cuff tendinitis, tennis elbow, shoulder dislocation (Bankart/ Hill-Sachs lesion), patella dislocation, iliotibial band syndrome.
Return to Sports

This is the last stage of the rehabilitation program. Physiotherapists communicate with athletes and coaches during rehabilitation to ensure the injured athletes can return to training or competition at the most appropriate time frame.

Sports team from Physiotherapy Center offers sports-specific assessment, analysis and training, with state-of-arts equipment and unparalleled expertise, it will enhance your performance, reduce chance of injuries and achieve better results after rehabilitation.

Sports physiotherapy covers exercise enthusiasts at all levels, our physiotherapists, equipped with professional knowledge in different sports, provide tailor-made, individualised training and rehabilitation program.