Geriatric Physiotherapy

Aging is a complex process.  Elderly patients sometimes suffer from multiple medical conditions. Falls, fractures and muscle loss are common risks as people age.  To maximize their function and hence better ownership of life, we provide a range of specific service to our elderly patients.
1. Active and well elderly

For elderly who are robust and active, and for those who have no active disease symptoms, we aim at facilitating them in sport activities, promoting physical fitness and active lifestyle.


  • Training consists of:
    • Advanced fitness training
    • Multi-component muscle strengthening
    • Aerobic training
    • Sport specific training

2. Vulnerable and mildly frail elderly

For patients who are suffering from active medical problems with symptoms limiting activities and for those who have significant slowing and need assistance in daily activities, the objectives of treatment are developing functional strength and independence, preventing fall and maintenance of good posture.  Hence the impact of muscle loss and osteoporosis can be minimized.



  • Training consists of:
    • Fall prevention
    • Progressive resistance training
    • Functional training
    • Balance assessment and walking aid prescription

3. Highly dependent/severely frail elderly

When people suffer from multiple diseases as they age, their physical condition will be markedly affected.  Being less mobile will lead to complications which further limit their ability.  We aim at maintaining mobility, prevention of complication and supporting family member and carer in long term care.


  • Treatment consists of:
    • Mobility training with assistance
    • Joint mobilization
    • Passive muscle stretching exercise
    • Bronchial hygiene and chest physiotherapy
    • Carer training